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55 Flowery Hen Silver (Greenfire Farms Line)

  • A Silver Version of the 55 Flowery. Image borrowed from Greenfire Farms.
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Product Description

The 55 Flowery is one of the best White Egg Layers you will ever own. They lay some of the largest eggs I have ever seen. They are descendants of old fashioned leghorn varieties but aren't as flighty and nervous as todays modern commercial leghorns. They are great foragers and turn little feed into huge eggs. In many countries they are used for their commercial egg market. Baby chicks can be sexed by anyone at any age. They are a popular choice for backyard flocks because of their egg laying abilities and hardiness as well as their autosexing gene which will allow small farms to keep the pullet chicks and a male or two just to keep them around the farm, and to sell the surplus.

We keep our Golds and Our Silvers separately. My personal favorite is the silver variety. I had to also have Golds too.

Fiftyfive Flowery is the first Swedish breed of chicken. 
It appeared in 1958 after selection in a panmixi strain (panmixi = random crossing) which had 2/3 white leghorn (VL) and 1/3 Brown Leghorn (BL) in the pedigree. 
Fiftyfive, which means fifty-five, symbolizes the year (1955) when the first crossing was carried out, which led to the rise of the breed. 
Flowery means floral and refers to the white-spotted drawing of the hens (the roosters miss this completely). 

Today's FF is grown almost exclusively in silver, though in the beginning Fiftyfive Flowery was only in gold. In a breed like the Fiftyfive Flowery, silver gives almost unlimited possibilities for sex-crossing "sex-linked" or "autosexing" type.

A draw that Martin wrote about the work with the Swedish breeding work being or not to be. 

Fiftyfive Flowery is available in silver and is therefore a typical hen line. Fiftyfive Flowery is worth a better fate than might eventually disappear or be reduced to a sports breed. The breed has been around for 22 years and has been grown commercially for almost as long. 
Fiftyfive Flowery is 100% autosexing. Some intersections with Fiftyfive Flowery are so safe that you can sell one million day-old pullets without a single rooster among them. The breed is identical to leghorn in almost everything. The line has produced 1 to 2 million breeding eggs over the years. The color difference between rooster and hen is greater in Fiftyfive Flowery than any other breed (applies to the springs).

Here is the original text from the Greenfire Farms website:

This unique autosexing breed was developed in Sweden, and the hens lay very large eggs for their body size.

Fifty Five Flowery Hens were created –spoiler alert!—in 1955 in Sweden by Father Martin Silverudd, also the creator of the Isbar. Fifty Fives were the first breed invented by Silverudd and over a half-century have proven to be his most successful creation. While the half-dozen or so of the Silverudd chicken breeds have largely slid into obscurity, Fifty Fives remain in a few commercial flocks in their native country. Fifty Fives deliver on the goals initially established by Silverudd: Create an autosexing chicken that produces eggs for the table in commercial quantities. Using different varieties of leghorns Silverudd created a breed where the rooster looks very different than the hen throughout its life. Greenfire Farms was the first to import this breed into the United States. 

As a day-old chick the males are easy to distinguish by the blonde down on the backs of their heads, and as adults the males are largely white while the females are decorated with a beautiful spotted pattern; the ‘flowers’ that contribute to the breed name. 

The hens are truly prolific layers, and the eggs are the roundest and largest of any of the breeds we maintain here at Greenfire. The utility value of this breed certainly make it one of Silverudd's finest achievements.

Chicken Facts:

Poultry Show Class: None Yet
Weights: Hens 4 lbs, Roosters 6 lbs, Pullets 3-4 lbs, Cockerel 4-5 lbs
Purpose: Dual Purpose (Eggs & Meat)
Egg Shell Color: White Egg
Production: Very Good: 250 - 280 eggs per year
Country of Origin: Sweden
APA:     No, but in the works!
ALBC: Recovering Status, Considered a sustainable heritage chicken breed
BREEDER: Pritchett's Small Pets

Our Breeding Strategy for our Greenfire Farm's Imported 55 Flowerys (Production)
Our 55 Flowerys are bred to our own Standard of Perfection for egg production mottling aka flowers,body type, barring, color and the absolute must clear autosexing traits. They are not guaranteed to be show winners but they will be egg laying machines. Our breeders are culled beginning at the day of hatch. We start by keeping chicks that are 100% easy to sex. To be qualified for a future breeder our male chicks must be the perfect colorwto even be considered. Our pullet chicks must be clearly sexable, any faintly striped chicks or undesirable chicks are culled. After the chicks grow up we keep looking for undesirable traits and culling hard. We breed them the same way every year and use the Spiral Breeding Method to ensure we get the best quality and best production from our birds. Our hens are single mated or monitored by trap nests, all data is logged into our poultry breeding management software and we keep strict records using ZooEasy Standalone so that we can keep the strongest and healthiest hens that produce the most eggs as possible. We do not try to breed the broodiness out of our hens as this trait is something we encourage because mother nature can always do things better than an incubator.

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