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NPIP Testing Request

Are you interested in getting your flock or a few new birds certified for the National Poultry Improvement Plan?

First time applicants that are new to the program must contact Julie Helm at Clemson's Livestock & Poultry Health Department at (803) 260-6442. Then you will need to set up a date with Kirsten. Kirsten can be reached by Calling or Texting (803)530-8930. Be sure to contact us or your private tester in your area before making it final to make sure that they are available.

For Pullorum-Typhoid Testing:

The average price for Private Testing is ($0.75/Mile Round Trip) + ($1-1.50 per Bird).

Testing 30 or less birds at one time will be ($0.75/Mile Round Trip) + ($2 per Bird)

Here at Pritchett's Small Pet's we will travel up to 75 miles to test a flock or bird that needs pullorum tested before entering your property.

For Avian Influenza Clean Status:

To become Avian Influenza clean as well you will have to pay Clemson an additional cost per tube of swabs collected. The price is currently $35 per tube. On average 2 to 4 tubes are collected. Sometimes Clemson will cover the costs of a tube or two. That's not always the case though so be prepared to pay the costs upfront. These tests are performed every 6 months and can cost an upward of $70 or more every 6 months.

Notice: When dealing with flighty or wild birds, accidents can happen. It happens rarely but occasionally a flighty bird may pull loose and take off. If this happens your tester is not responsible for the loss of that bird if it flies away. We ask that wild, flighty, or extremely aggressive birds be held by the owners while we perform the tests. If your tester can use both of their hands while you contain and restrict the bird, this won't happen.