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Farm Visitors

Visitors, Friends, Family, & Neighbors

Contact Us before entering our perimeter or gate. We are very strict on our Biosecurity. We have and will contact the local sheriff's office and have you charged for tresspassing as we clearly have our perimeter marked with appropriate signage, as well as this page that you can read prior to your visit. To schedule a visit to our farm please contact us via telephone on our contact page 48 hours in advance.

Please Respect our Biosecurity!

     We love having visitors to our farm. We used to enjoy walking our friends around and sharing our hobbies of gardening, farming, and our other adventures. However, We now have strict Biosecurity measures in place. We have to be strict in our efforts to stop any unwanted diseases to our animals that may come in on your clothes, shoes, or vehicles. You may visit our home and place of business by calling us to come get your order, or to schedule a farm tour. We don't always have the time for farm tours. They are very selective. The furthest you can go when coming to pick up an order from us, is to the outside of our double gates at the end of our driveway. We do not let visitors past that point unless we had prior knowledge and had scheduled a visit from you.