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Our Garden

We like to grow our own garden. Some years we are more successful than others. Temperatures, Too much Rain, and Pests play a factor. We try to stay as natural as possible. That means no pesticides, no sprays, and the only thing we do that is not natural is use Miracle Grow when we don't have compost. Danny loves seed saving. So it is no surprise that he chooses to grow varieties that he can save the seed from.

Our Grow List:

Corn "Peaches & Cream Hybrid"

Cucumber "Straight 8" Heirloom

Garden Bean "Contender" Heirloom

Gourd "Large Bottle"

Okra "Clemson Spineless"

Pumpkin "Big Max"

Pumpkin "Big Moon"

Pumpkin "Casper"

Pumpkin "Early Sweet Sugar Pie" Heirloom

Pumpkin "First Prize Hybrid"

Pumpkin "Jack Be Little" Heirloom

Pumpkin "Jack O' Lantern"

Pumpkin "Mini Harvest Blend"

Pumpkin "Small Sugar"

Pumpkin "Triple Treat"

Pea "Sugar Snap" Heirloom

Spinach "Bloomsdale" Heirloom

Squash "Yellow Straightneck" Heirloom

 Sunflower "Mammoth"

Tomato "Beefsteak" Heirloom

Watermelon "Sugar Baby Bush"