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Our Mini Farm

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Our Mini Farm

Welcome to our Farm Page!

I grew up on my paternal grandparents farm. I was planting plants and fertilizing from the moment I could walk. I have always had an interest in owning my own farm. I love animals and got the addiction quick. I was happy to meet a woman that would become my wife with the same passion for having a farm. At the moment we have a 1/2 of an acre. So we have a mini version of what we really want. Check out our available farm products in our Farm Categories below!

Our Chickens:

White Ameraucanas

Rhodebars (Greenfire Line)

Easter Eggers

Jumbo Barred Rocks

Fancy's Bantams


Our Ducks:


White Pekins

Grey Calls


Our Rabbits:

American Chinchilla

Holland Lop


Our Pigs:

Mini Pigs