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Our Mini Farm

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Our Mini Farm

Welcome to our Family's Mini Farm Page!

I grew up on my paternal grandparents farm. I was planting plants and fertilizing from the moment I could walk. I have always had an interest in owning my own farm. I love animals and got the addiction quick. I was happy to meet a woman that would become my wife with the same passion for having a farm. At the moment we have a 1/2 of an acre. So we have a mini version of what we really want. Check out our available farm products in our Farm Categories below!

Our Chickens:
Rhodebars (Greenfire Line)
55 Flowery
Easter Eggers
Barred Rocks
Fancy's Bantams

Our Ducks:
Muscovies in Blue, Black, and Splash
White Pekins in Normal, Jumbo, and Crested
Blue & Black Swedish

Our Rabbits:
American Chinchilla
Holland Lops (Lilac & Rosey)

Our Pigs:
Our Mini Pigs are Wilbur & Pidge

Our Mini Horse:
Our only mini horse is Dottie. She is the life of the farm. Everyone that comes has to pet her.

Our Pygmy Goats:
Our Mini Goats are Bandit & Belt (Pritchett's Midnight Moon)

Our Dogs:
Duke is our Farm Protector. He is always on guard against people, coons, oppossums, snakes, rats, and other predators.

Bullet is a rescue. We saved her from the road. She was walking down the street as a little puppy, and has been here ever since. She for the most part leaves the birds alone, but occasionally she kills one and eats it.

Our Cats:
Lil En' aka Mama or Mama Kitty is the oldest of our cats. She is the direct descendent of a stray cat we took in that meant the world to Danny. Her moms name was Kitty. That is why she is referred to as Mama Kitty, just like her mama she has given us several litters of Kittens until we were finally able to get her fixed.

Tiger aka Bubby is our newest Tiger Kitty. As you see their is a pattern, Danny really likes Grey Tiger cats. He is Danny's best friend. He sleeps with Danny most of the time and cuddles up to him. Occasionally he will nap or sleep with his mommy Brittany. He likes us both about the same now, he was originally just Danny's Cat.