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About Us

How Pritchett's Small Pets was Born:

Pritchett's Small Pets was founded in 2012 but wasn't named Pritchett's Small Pets until 2013. It was based off of a poultry business Danny had been operating since 2004. In 2005 Danny began by breeding crickets for his reptiles in aquariums in his grandmother's living room. This led to him expanding his operation to breeding mealworms by 2011 in his bedroom. In the year 2012 Danny met his wife while delivering a Christmas present to her little 3 year old sister around midnight on Christmas eve. Later that night Danny got his heartbroken and went home upset. The next morning he was talking to his step mother about the girl and told her about his interest. His mother said she would help them meet if he would leave his heartbreaking girlfriend alone.  For several days Danny laid on his couch in his living room sick with the Flu. He would wake up to talk to her and the medicine would put him back to sleep. On January 8th Danny made the trip to Williamston, SC to meet Brittany. She had know idea he was so anticipated on meeting her that he had left his house early to meet her. She called him while he was driving to her house and he asked her what time she wanted him to come by. He said would you prefer me to come early or later in the afternoon. After several hesitant answers she finally said you can come a little later, so I can get a shower and get cleaned up. Danny then said well I guess I will go home since I am in your driveway. Brittany didnt believe what she was hearing but went out to meet him in her spongebob pajamas and her hair a mess. Danny knew that he would someday marry this girl and he thought to himself, that he might as well see what she looks like when she wakes us. After several months of dating with a few bumps in the road from his past relationship they moved in together days before Brittany was supposed to graduate. Brittany did graduate and got her diploma. Danny was happy to see her walk across the stage as he had quit school in the 10th grade to get his GED so he could work. In September 2014 the couple was invited to a program at a local church. That night changed their lives forever. Danny took a class to help him get over his struggles and the couple was saved in October. Just a week after being saved Danny & Brittany tied the knot and was married.

Our Goals:

Our goal at Pritchett's Small Pets is to put God first in everything we do. Our second goal is to provide the highest quality feeder insects to our customers as we can while providing top quality customer satisfaction.

Our Values:

God comes first in everything. We value "YOU" and your business, support, and understanding too!