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Thawing Frozen Feeders

Thawing Instructions.

Remove prey from freezer and place on counter, in a cupboard, on top of fridge or freezer, etc. (Thawing times chart at bottom of page.)

Once the prey item has been thawed it needs to be heated to above room temperature. This can be done by:

Placing the prey, submerged, in hot water.

Placing the prey item under a heat lamp.

Placing the prey by an electric heater.

Using a hair dryer or heat gun.

(The above methods should not be used to thaw the prey ... only to warm them to above room temp).

Thawing times.

Mice, Dwarf Hamsters, Gerbils:

Check the prey items head and hips, these are the thickest areas and usually the last to warm up. If they feel cold more warming is required.

The first few feedings may require a "jiggle or shake". Hold the prey by the tail (with hemostats or tongs) and "shake" the prey lightly about 2 inches from the reptiles nose. Once it strikes the prey release your grasp on the prey item.

The prey can also be left on the under tank heat pad or under a heat light for the shy eaters.

CAUTION: Do NOT use a microwave to thaw feeders, this may cause them to explode or will cook inside of prey.

Reptiles cannot digest cooked food. For this reason you also should not use boiling water to warm prey.

Pinkies and fuzzies are highly susceptible to "popping" when warmed too fast.Pinkies - smalls 1 hr thawing time.
Mediums - larges 2 hrs thawing time.

Rats, Guinea Pigs:
Pinkies - fuzzies 1 hr thawing time.
Pups - smalls 2 hrs thawing time.
Mediums - 4 hrs thawing time.
Larges - 4-6 hrs thawing time.

Rabbits, Pigs:
Pinkies - fuzzies 2 hrs thawing time (0.1 – 0.5 lbs).
Hoppers - 4 hrs thawing time (0.5 – 1.0 lbs).
Smalls - 6 hrs thawing time (1.0 – 2.0 lbs).
Mediums - 8 hrs thawing time (2.0 – 5.0 lbs).

The above time estimations are based on removing the prey from the freezer and immediately placing it at room temperature (72 f).

Putting prey, submerged, in warm or tepid water, will dramatically decrease times.

Thawing in warm or tepid water is NOT recommended for pinkies through fuzzies.

Feeders can also be placed in the fridge to thaw overnight.