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  • Frass & Flour Beetle Seperator
    $2.00 Frass & Flour Beetle Seperator
    Raising mealworms has it's advantages but what about the frass that builds up in the bins? Frass makes a great fertilzer and soil amendment. This sifter is 6" wide and will easily seperate your larger mealworms from the...

  • Heavy Duty Plastic Sizing Trays
    $25.00 Choose Options Heavy Duty Plastic Sizing Trays
    These are the same sorters we use when sizing our mealworms. We use this with our vibrating sorter that we also offer. They can be used without the vibrating sorter if you don't mind a workout.   Sizes: 1/100" - Sift...

  • Insect Sizing Tubs
    $2.00 Choose Options Insect Sizing Tubs
    Do you breed your own insects for feeding and need to size them? This is the product you need. Our Sizing Tubs are available in multiple sizes and are ready to use!