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Breeding Kits

  • Clear Packing Tape
    $2.00 Clear Packing Tape
    If you keep or breed insects that climb such as crickets or roaches, you know that you will need a smooth surface that they can not climb around the inside of their enclosure about 4 inches from the top. This is the tape...

  • Dust Mask
    $2.00 Dust Mask
    BIG protection against harmful dust particles at a small price! Lightweight contour-fit disposable filter masks are a must for working with mealworms to avoid sinus issues due to the dust. They can also be used for other...

  • Egg Flats
    $1.00 Egg Flats
    Corrugated Egg Flats are great to use for several insect species. We use them for our Crickets to give them more space to move around. It keeps the crickets alive longer because they aren't over crowded. The Roaches do great...

  • Escape Proof Roach Breeding Kit
    $25.00 Choose Options Escape Proof Roach Breeding Kit
    We have searched High & Low for a way to house our climbing species of roaches. After trying many methods and getting aggravated to the point of giving up breeding the climbing species we found the answer. This is the...

  • Frass Seperator
    $2.00 Frass Seperator
    Raising mealworms has it's advantages but what about the frass that builds up in the bins? Frass makes a great fertilzer and soil amendment. This sifter is 6" wide and will easily seperate your larger mealworms from the...

  • Mealworm Breeding Kit Jr Filter
    $1.00 Choose Options Mealworm Breeding Kit Jr Filter
    This special filter is used to keep less bedding from falling out of the Beetle Drawer while allowing mealworms to easily fall into the drawer below. This item was tested out in February 2014 and added to our website as an...

  • Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer With Laser Targeting
    $59.99 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer With Laser Targeting
    Sometimes it's called a laser thermometer, because you use the built-in laser to target the surface, but it's really a non-contact infrared thermometer that measures the electromagnetic radiation coming from that surface...

  • Plastic Feeder Base
    $3.99 Plastic Feeder Base
    The Little Giant Plastic Feeder Base combines with the Little Giant Plastic Quart Jar (sold separately) to make a gravity feeder for crickets and roaches. The feeder features eight openings, with ribs to minimize...

  • Plastic Quart Jar
    $3.99 Plastic Quart Jar
    Plastic Quart jar for use with the Plastic Feeders and Waters that we sell for Cricket and Roach use. These jars are better than glass because they dont break.

  • Plastic Water Fount Base
    $3.99 Plastic Water Fount Base
    Excellent water fount for watering crickets or other insects. We have used these with both Crickets and Roaches. They come in 4 assorted collors. Red, Lime Green, Purple, and Yellow. No choice of Color.

  • Pritchett's Super Slick Roach Barrier
    $10.00 Choose Options Pritchett's Super Slick Roach Barrier
    Pritchett's Super Slick Roach Barrier is the best climbing roach stopper on the market that we are aware of. We have tried vaseline, but it makes your tubs messy and the vaseline seems to never wash off when it isn't needed...

  • Roach Breeding Kit
    $15.00 Roach Breeding Kit
    Everything you need to breed roaches. This is the same setup we use here at Pritchett's Small Pets. We may change things from time to time but usually its the same concept. This kit is ready to use, just add the type of...

  • Thermometer
    $2.00 Thermometer
    We use this thermometer to monitor our bins and room tempatures. We of course use digital thermometers as well but digital thermometers can faill and this is a great backup. This Thermometer is for indoor or outdoor use...

  • Vermiculite
    $3.00 Vermiculite
    We use Vermiculite for our Cricket breeding. Once the Crickets have hatched we throw it in the garden to be tilled in for the next year. Vermiculite is great for many uses including for incubation of reptile eggs and more...

  • Waxworm Breeding Kit
    $24.99 $16.99 Waxworm Breeding Kit
    Our Waxworm Breeding kits are the answer to breeding your very own waxworms at home. We do all of the hard work for you. The hardest part of waxworm breeding is preparing the food. We tried several mixes listed online and...

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