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Danny Pritchett has had been breeding, incubating, and selling poultry since he was 8 years old. 20+ years later and he is still breeding and selling poultry. Danny used to raise chicks and sell them to locals in the area. Now it has evolved to him shipping chicks across the USA. Instead of creating a whole new website, business, etc. He decided to tie them together into Pritchett's Small Pets as it costs less money which means their is no extra costs to run the poultry division online which saves money for our customers as we dont have to earn so much to cover website costs, etc.

Although Danny has always had poultry since a young age and has shipped several birds over the years nationwide, he had to stop for a few years to a bad back injury. During 2016 he ran a few experiments and tried a few things to see if in 2017 he would be able to provide a full time chick business to his customers old and new. With great results, he has built his flocks up using methods he used in the past to create seperate lines of each fowl. With selective breeding, and tight breeding standards his flocks produce some of the best chicks in the USA. Many poultry dealers hatch chicks throughout the season and then for a week or two they save back a hatch to raise as future breeders. Not Danny, Danny starts saving chicks that catch his eye from every hatch and raise them up to be future breeders. If he finds anything about them that he doesn't like, they are sent to an auction to be sold as a pet.

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