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Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goats were created as a miniature meat goat. Pygmy goats can be milked but most people don't. Their milk tastes just the same as a Nigerian Dwarf. You also can get about the same amount of milk from them as a Nigerian Dwarf. We keep Pygmy Goats just for the fun of having them. They do not eat that much. We recommend having at least two goats. Just having one will cause the one goat to constantly cry out for another. Having two gives the goat a companion for when you can't be there. Pygmy goats do great at eating vegetation. They can eat Poison Ivy without any effect. The oils that bother us in Poison Ivy do not affect goats. The Pygmy goat is a great first timer goat. If you aren't into fancy goat breeds, planning to eat or milk them, the pygmy is just for you. Once you have your own goats, they become addictive. They are so sweet and eat out of our hand.

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