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Save money by building it yourself. Many great designers ask us to sell their products for them. You will find their products here, and as we design some great ideas you will find them on our website as well.

  • Build Your Own Brooder
    $10.00 Build Your Own Brooder
    An efficient chick brooder is a fairly expensive item to buy, but the one you are building with these plans can be made for a few dollars. It has a hover area under the roof of 850 square inches. This is enough room to...

  • Build Your Own Cabinet Model Incubator
    $10.00 Build Your Own Cabinet Model Incubator
    Build a Cabinet Model Incubator to hatch your very own eggs. I have been told that these plans are not fully complete by the creator. He left a few things to be decided by the person that is building the incubator. He said...

  • Build Your Own Roll Out Nest Box
    $10.00 Build Your Own Roll Out Nest Box
    If you have a backyard flock and you want a nest box that can work for all your adies, this is for you. It does require some carpentry skills but we love this nest. Several hens can go into the dark nest, lay their eggs and...

  • Build Your Own Trap Nest
    $10.00 Build Your Own Trap Nest
    Need to know how well your hens are producing eggs? Maybe you have very little room for seperate pens and have to keep many hens in the same pen, while still needing to know which hen laid which egg. With these plans this...

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